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Duct Line and Jacketing

While builders have always required ducts for their buildings, until recently these features were tucked away behind walls and drop ceiling panels. Now, modern designers are incorporating exposed oval and spiral ducts and pipes into some of their hippest projects. The result is that custom fabricators of duct products are having their work truly appreciated by the public for the first time.

From industrial to hipster clothing stores to home furnishings, spiral duct fittings give these spaces a shabby-chic industrial vibe. Exposed spiral ducts made of sheet metal work particularly well in contemporary buildings, while round, rectangular, and oval duct products all work well in these spaces as statement pieces. But is their intended purpose effective, or are they lining showroom ceilings just for looks these days?

Duct fabrication companies argue that there are a number of benefits to spiral ducts:
  1. Air leakage is a big problem at duct joints, often leading to energy loss or system inefficiency. The sealed, rounded, oval duct products seal in the air, while other duct systems need reinforced joints to guarantee efficient airflow.

  2. Since there is very little evidence of leaking, additional costs of filtering, heating and cooling, and air distribution are minimized. The airtight systems keep the airflow in check.

  3. The air pressure of the air leaving the air duct is typically lower. Since the internal pressure is consistent, the air flows more evenly throughout the duct for superior ventilation.

  4. Indoor air quality can be seriously disturbed by air leakage. These airtight ducts convey cleaner air, since there are no foreign objects coming into the duct nor out, meaning that there is less need for additional fresh-air intake.

  5. There is no difference in pressure in spiral air ducts, as there are in rectangular ducts. There are also no interruptions in airflow, which makes spiral ducts far quieter. Because of this, exposed oval spiral ducts are ideal for open building layouts.

Simply put, not only are they stylish and practical, but spiral ducts are also trending for a good reason.